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The rhubarb is springing forth in our gardens.  It’s time to make your favorite rhubarb dish and bring it to the Community Garden Rhubarb Festival on Saturday, June 17 starting at noon.  It’s a potluck luncheon featuring rhubarb in it’s many guises.  We’re perfectly happy with nothing but rhubarb pies, but feel free to will branch out and investigate other ways of using rhubarb, such as meatloaf or rhubarb-glazed chicken wings.  Use your imagination!  Or maybe the internet.  Or some of the recipes on this website!
The garden will provide plates, cutlery, cups, napkins, etc.  Just bring food and your appetites.  Hope to see you there!


Here are some links to some of the information that Terry Toon shared at the Spring meeting.


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