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The Harvest Fair is approaching fast: August 19th.  This is the celebration of our growing season and a chance to show off the bounty of our gardens.  There will be exhibits of vegetables, fruits, and flowers, with ribbons and prizes.  Also a Farmer’s Market featuring fresh produce donated by garden members.  And, we will be offering our food service of hot dogs, corn, and beans.  The event is a major fundraiser for the garden and we need a lot of volunteers to help make it work.  This is one of your best chances to get some service hours in.  

Also, the Farmer’s Market relies on donations of produce to sell, so start thinking of items you might contribute.  The public will be visiting the garden, so we want to look good for our guests.
The Harvest Fair is a great social event, with music, food, and games and prizes.  You won’t want to miss it!   Saturday, August 19th.


Not Too Late to Plant; Keep on top of your weeds
Good news!  It is not too late, especially with the continued lower temperatures..  I surveyed the board and we have a few suggestions.  And planting those spots will keep the weeds down too.
*Leafy greens (lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, kale)
Some may be smaller at harvest but that’s okay.  
And if none of that appeals to you, try planting a cover crops.  Again, it will keep the weeds down, and next year you will have better soil for your efforts.
The weeds are downright discouraging but any effort to control them this year will pay off in fewer weeds next year. Hang in there and keep weeding.


Here are some links to some of the information that Terry Toon shared at the Spring meeting.


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