Service Hour Opportunities

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Every plot rental includes a requirement to perform 5 hours of community service for a 10 x 20 plot and 1 hour for a climbing bed.

Each un-worked hour will cost you $20, payable at the end of the season, but the garden needs your labor more than your money.

Your efforts will maintain our common spaces and keep garden programs and facilities running.

Garden Security
Close and lock the main gate 9-10:30 p.m. each night, beginning Sunday and finishing on Saturday.
Includes quick inspection of the lot, locking sheds & dumpster, turning off water faucets, closing perimeter gates.
Service credit: 3.5 hours.
Please only sign up for this service if you know you can lock the gate for the full week. In your email request, list a few optional weeks and your contact phone number.
Contact Janet Valentour:

Tool & Equipment Repair
Pump up wheelbarrow tires; bike pump is in the tool shed
Repair broken wheelbarrows behind the shed
Pull old ceiling nails out of ceiling joists in pump shed
Refresh paint on JCG sign above pump shed door.
The JCG is especially thankful to persons with the time and knowledge to keep our gas powered machinery in good repair.

Grounds Maintenance
Weed the JCG Flower Beds next to the main gate.
Weed the mound around the rhubarb.
Mow grass along and between rows, along the roadsides, in the large open space beside the covered shelter, around amendment piles and compost piles, and around the sheds.
Trim brush and branches away from the fence line corridor, inside and outside fence.
Pick up and dispose of any garbage.
Weed-whack areas that the lawn mower can’t access, for example, edges of the center aisle, around the charity plots, behind the climbing beds.
Weed whack path to horse manure pile for access.
Weed whack around brewery grain pile and the chips piles.
Tarp weed piles.
Burn wood piles. Make sure a second person is standing by with a hose!
Remove orange hawkweed or any other invasive species. (Secure these weeds in a plastic bag and place in dumpster.)
For details about grounds maintenance  go to our Contact Us page and select Maintenance from the pull down menu of recipients.