Applying for a Plot

Please read the Operating Rules and the rest of this page before applying for a plot so you understand your responsibilities as a garden user.

After applying you will be notified if a vacant plot is available. If so, you will be assigned the plot and sent a PayPal invoice that will accept your credit card. Rent for a 10’ x 20’ plot is $35/year and a climbing bed is $5/year. If a plot is not available you will be placed on the wait list and notified when one becomes available.

Attend Garden Orientation

Required for all new garden members.
Enjoy a potluck brunch followed by tour and introduction to JCG rules and resources.
Those unable to attend can arrange an individual orientation by emailing

Start Gardening

Current members must begin working their plots by June 15.
Unworked plots will be reassigned, so more plots may become available at that time.

Don’t Forget to Perform Community Service!

Five hours of volunteer work are required for each 10’x20′ plot; one hour of work for each climbing bed. View the service hours page for opportunities.

Questions? Contact

Apply Here.